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5 Reasons to use our Patio Generator

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Planning the perfect patio for your garden and installing it all by yourself is a moderately difficult process, especially if you require specific dimensions for certain areas of your garden. Qualified installation specialists know their trade extremely well and when looking at a garden space to plan and lay out the patio area, they know exactly what specifications and dimensions they require.

A homeowner that is untrained in this specific trade often wants to lay out the patio themselves and do not have this knowledge. This is why at Bowland Stone based in Bristol, we created the Bowland Stone Patio Generator to help you create your perfect patio garden and do it completely by yourself!

Garden Design & Ease of Paving Slab Usage

The Bowland Stone patio generator allows you to visualise the patio area that you want to lay out within your garden, calculates how many paving slabs you require for your perfect patio and even instructs the user on cuts if you need to adapt to certain spaces within your garden area. Here are 5 advantages and applications of the Bowland Stone Patio Generator:

1.  Specific Resource Requirement Calculation 

Visualising the patio using the Patio Generator will allow you to calculate the precise amount of resources that you require for your patio instead of calculating a rough estimate and over or under purchasing supplies. You will discover exactly how many slabs you will require for your specifications and will be able to purchase the exact amount of slabs required instead of going by an estimation of the resources required. 

2.  Eliminates Spacing Issues

If you encounter any issues when you are paving around a tight space for example, you will not know the exact cut that you need to make to a full sized slab in order to make it fit into the space. If you have estimated the size or measured it yourself it may not be absolutely correct and therefore you may have to purchase more slabs if you over or under cut it. The patio generator calculates the area of spacing that needs to have a half slab or quarter slab cutting and will inform you of the dimensions that a paving slab will be cut in order for it to fit perfectly. This is extremely precise and will solve any issues that a tight space may incur upon your patio creation process. 

3.  Perfect for Anybody that is Laying their Patio Themselves

The Patio Generator is specifically designed to be easy to follow and easy to understand. Homeowners who wish to lay their patio should not be disadvantaged if they wish to create their own patio space and this is where the patio generator comes in perfectly. The generator will evaluate and calculate all of the dimensions for you and calculate costings which brings us onto the next advantage.

4.  Patio Cost Calculation & Savings!

The Bowland Stone generator allows you to calculate costings as well. The exact paving slabs required will be calculated allowing you to calculate how much your patio will cost but also eliminating over spending on resources. If you want an extremely extravagant patio and are unsure of the costing then the generator will also calcite the total cost, which will allow you to plan and invest in your dream patio!

5.  Visualisation of the Patio to Aid your Garden Design

The Bowland Stone Patio Generator also allows you to visualise the patio area completely. This will allow you to plan out your dream patio and also to see how it will fit into your garden area once the process is complete. This is extremely useful for more advanced patio layouts such as incorporating Lakeland stars into a intricate paving design. The generator not only allows you to visualise how the final layout will look, it also allows you to plan an incredible design using the generator!

Here at Bowland Stone, we strongly believe that everybody should have their perfect patio garden. The Bowland Stone Patio Generator is extremely useful to both a hired contractor building your patio garden or if you yourself wish to create your patio yourself! Our patio generator is quintisential in ensuring you can achieve your perfect garden design. If you wish to find out more about our patio generator or if you are considering planning your patio area then do not hesitate to come on down to Bowland Stone in Bristol today or contact us on 0117 955 7530! 

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