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Essential Sands and Aggregates

Sand & Ballast

Sharp Sand
A coarse, sharp sand suitable for bedding paving stones and block paving.

Holm Sand


Floor Screed


Building Sand
A soft mortar sand suitable for a variety of building uses.

Yellow Pit

Red Pit

Plastering Sand


Ballast / Sub Base / Binding
A careful blend of gravel, aggregate and sand for use in producing concrete mixes, or patio bases.

MOT Type 1

Concreting Sand

Dust Limestone 14mm

Dust 4mm

Self-Binding Gravel


Kiln Dried Sand
Fine sand for filling joints in block paving.



Horticultural Range

An aggregate that will help to aerate soils and can also be used in the bottom of pots to assist drainage.

Horticultural Grit

Horticultural Potting Grit Bowland Stone 

Horticultural Potting Grit

Horticultural Sand

Silver Sand




Pipe bedding

A free-drainage aggregate for use of drainage and pipe bedding.

Pea Gravel


Permeable Aggregates

Various grades of 'clean' chippings to allow water drainage for use with block paving, to comply with new regulations.


20mm 'clean' chipping used as a sub base.
20mm Clean Limestone



6mm 'clean' chipping used above the 20mm chipping, and below block paving.
6mm Clean Limestone



3mm 'clean' aggregate for filing the joints between block paving.
Horticultural Range



Mastermix Coarse Concreting

Concreting sand plus a small bag of cement. Perfect for fixing posts or filling pot holes.


Mastermix Bricklaying

Building sand plus a small bag of cement. For small brickwork repairs, and general pointing jobs.


Mastermix Sand and Cement

Floor Screed sharp sands plus a small bag of cement. Perfect for small repair jobs.


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