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Patios or Decking in Macclesfield

Patio design and decking both have a huge amount to offer for your garden space but which gardens and homes are better suited for each type of garden design?

There are numerous advantages to both garden patio design and garden decking design but both are suited to specific types of gardens and houses. Here at Bowland Stone in Macclesfield we offer a wide array of both patio and decking designs and products and this article will disclose which situations and environments are better for both designs. 

Benefits of improving your garden with patio

Benefits of improving your garden with decking

Reflecting Your Home With Garden Design

Both of these garden designs each have their own advantages but in conjunction with different homes there are definitely design advantages to choosing one design over the other. For example if your house is a rural household with crafted stone then it is potentially complimentary to the design of your house to reflect this with stone patio paving slabs. This is not necessary and it is definitely not a requirement however this a point to consider when deciding on whether your garden design constitutes requiring wood decking or stone patio slabs.

Personal Preference in Garden Design is Crucial

Personal preference is extremely important in terms of aesthetics. Both of these garden design aspects have similar advantages so the main difference falls into which style you prefer. If you prefer intricate stone paving designs incorporating star designs or more simple line designs then patio paving slabs will be perfect for your garden. If however you are more interested in the rural, rustic look, reflecting the natural environment within your garden then wood decking is much more suited to your tastes. Interior and exterior design massively reflects the personality and preferences of the designer so it should definitely show a lot of your personality if you are the person designing it. The most important aspect is that you result in creating the garden of your dreams.

Consider Both Patio and Decking Garden Design

In areas in the garden where pests seem to conjugate it would be a great idea to install patio into this area of the garden as it is impossible for them to eat through it. If you laid wood decking in this area of the garden however, it would quickly be eaten by these pesky animals. This does not stop you from considering wooden decking in other areas of your garden, away from where these animals are attracted to. For example often pests are attracted to wood piles therefore it would be a sensible idea to lay patio in these areas so that the pests cannot damage the wooden decking.

Weather is also a good example of where both patio and wooden decking would be a sensible option. If you are in an area that experiences heavy rain fall or extreme weather then paving will be unaffected regardless whereas wooden decking can get damaged very quickly. If you build your wooden decking in sheltered areas or create shelter for them then they can remain undamaged by the elements. Whichever situation it is important to remember the individual benefits of wood decking and patio paving design, to remember that your personal preference is the most important thing and to bear in mind the applications of using both types of garden design if you want these styles with all of the benefits. If you are interested in laying paving stone slabs in your garden, installing wooden garden decking or both then do not hesitate to come down to Bowland Stone in Macclesfield or call: 0162 557 4634.


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