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Garden Landscaping Suppliers in Bristol

Great landscaping and garden designs are only achievable with reliable landscaping supplies, combining quality and diversity. Here at Bowland Stone we offer a wide array of landscaping essentials such as paving slabs, patio slabs, decking, artificial grass and fence panels which are perfect for your ideal garden design. If you are interested in these landscaping essentials then do not hesitate to come visit us in our Bristol Showroom or call us: 0117 405 8517

Aggregate & Decorative Stones

Aggregate implementation can do wonders to any garden design, adding that finishing touch that many garden designs may require. Our wide range of decorative aggregates are perfect for implementation into any garden and this is complimented by our range of decorative stones to add a level of finesse to your garden design. Plum slate for example is a beautiful dark colour which is a perfect addition to water features and other points of interest in garden areas. 

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a viable alternative to organic grass due to the fact that it is animal friendly and child friendly. Pests are deterred from the artificial grass due to the fact that they cannot eat the grass therefore these artificial grass additions can eliminate the use of pesticides which are harmful to the environment and to your beloved pets and children. There is also no need to remove dead areas when you have artificial grass installed due to the fact that it doesn’t die. We have a wide range of artificial grass ranging from a minimum of 30mm to a maximum of 40mm. The colour range is also notable ranging from dark artificial grass, bright grass or a combination of both.

Patio Packs

Our patio pack designs are quintessential in creating wonderful and inspiring garden designs. Landscape creation can often be difficult for the aspiring landscaper however our patio packs are designed to bring ease of installation with incredibly lavish designs. These patio packs are also extremely easy to implement into any patio design making them an appealing design in almost every patio design for your garden! The Bowland Stone Patio Generator can also implement our patio packs into your design, calculating precise requirements for paving slabs. This can even save money on potential overspending on supplies, increasing your budget!


Paving stones and paving slabs are a wonderful addition to any garden design and our wide range of paving slab designs offer a huge depth of variety in garden design. We offer a vast range of paving materials including limestone, Indian Sandstone, natural stone and porcelain which demonstrates this variety in our paving. Paving slabs are also a sensible investment due to the fact that they resist the frost and therefore resist cracking in fluctuating temperatures. The durability and strength of these paving slabs results in a spectacular addition to any garden design. 

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones are an ideal addition to any garden design offering practicality as well as well as depth to your garden area. Stepping stones often link other features of the garden design together allowing guests to explore your garden at ease. Other practicalities include clear pathways at night and paths to essential areas such as bins or the garden shed. These features can often finalise a garden design with the combination of aggregates and this is arguably the most important aspect of landscaping!

Here at Bowland Stone in Bristol, we offer a wide range of landscaping products and essentials. The essentials listed are just a selection of this vast range. If you are interested in finding about more about landscaping essentials, creating a landscaping design for your garden or if you wish to find out more about our Bowland Stone products then do not hesitate to visit us or call us: 0117 405 8517



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