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Decorative Aggregate Suppliers Macclesfield

Decorative aggregates are a great tool to implement in the finalisation of your garden design. Aggregates are also useful in any area of your garden and can be used in a plethora of garden features and garden designs. Decorative aggregates are also an extremely cost effective way to cover wide expanses of open spaces with decorative and stylish designs.

That’s why here at Bowland Stone, we offer a wonderful and diverse range of aggregate products to give you that professional finish including polished pebbles, chippings, rockery stones, slate, gravel, garden pebbles, cobbles, crushed glass and our renowned range of essential sands and aggregates. If you are interested in these landscaping essentials then do not hesitate to come visit or call us: 0162 557 4634!

Decorative Aggregates

Decorative aggregates are unique due to the fact that they can be used all over the garden in many situations and designs. For example plant pots can be filled with aggregates and they also can be implemented into large scale improvements of garden features. The implementation of aggregates also removes the need for grass areas in many sections of your garden and this results in less time being required to tend to these grassland areas. Aggregates also attract creatures to your garden but puts off common pests, implementing the best of both worlds. There are a huge number of applications of decorate aggregates with some styles of aggregate being better suited for certain situations and here at Bowland Stone in Macclesfield, we have them all! 

Polished Pebbles & Pebbles

Ponds and rockeries often lack that finishing touch and can appear rough and rugged. The addition of our polished pebbles can balance this look and generate an elegant, finalised design radiant with aesthetic appeal. Animals love these rocks as they are smooth and the colour and texture of your garden can be greatly enhanced by the implementation of these polished pebbles. They are an extremely cost effective solution to covering wide areas and are great for covering uneven ground. Our Ebony, Ivory or Blended polished pebbles will aid you in finishing these gorgeous designs. Our garden pebbles can also enhance the natural look and feel of your garden, creating a beach or seaside appeal to your pond area or rockery. Garden pebbles can be used to add flavour to a pond feature but can also be implemented around raised areas or used to cover open exposed spaces effectively.

Gravel Aggregate

Gravel is another great aggregate to implement all over the garden and interestingly, it is an aggregate that can be used outside of the garden as well! Creating a gravel driveway is a great way to bring the style of your garden to other areas around your house. This gravel can also be used in other areas of the garden to protect grass from pests and to also add different colours and variations to patio design. 

Slate Aggregate & Rockery Stones

Slate is another beautiful addition to your pond design and can greatly enhance the aesthetics of a water feature or pond area. Our plum slate for example is a beautifully rich warm plum colour and even more so when wet, resulting is an extremely appealing addition to a pond or water feature. Our green slate is similar in this regard boasting a mysterious yet magnificent green colouring. Blue slate is our final slate product and this design can bring unity to these interesting and diverse colour range. Rockery stones are similar due to the fact that they are a rich variation of beautiful colours but are much bigger than slate aggregate. These are wonderful additions to any garden area and can bring a whole new range of focal points to your garden design.

Aggregate Chippings

Chippings are one of the smallest forms of aggregate and therefore can be utilised to fill vast spaces with a sleek and ordered design. Chippings can also be implemented around any raised bed design to show off the range of flowers that it contains. Due to the fact that these chippings create an aesthetic focal point, they can be used around trees or other natural features to further enhance their magnificence. This also aids against pests due to the fact that slugs and snails find it difficult to traverse across the rocky uneven surface that you have created and would much rather slide across even surfaces. This results in these malevolent molluscs being deterred from munching on these green areas. 

Aggregates offer a wide range of applications within garden design. Not only can they be used to enhance pond areas and other designated features within your garden, they can also be used all over the garden and even in other areas of your household. If you are interested in seeing our rich and diverse range of aggregates then do not hesitate to visit Bowland Stone or call us: 0162 557 4634!


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