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Patio Generator

New Bowland Stone Patio Generator coming soon

So what is the Bowland Stone Patio Generator?

We have been working closely with our programmers to design an up-to-date version of the patio generator. All of our new products from 2011, and even products not yet released are present on the new programme.

All you need to know is the dimensions of your area and what Bowland Stone product you fancy in your outside space.  The Bowland Stone patio generator can produce a random design laying guide for your patio. You can include any of our feature patio pacs too!

The 2012 version will allow us to amend your patio design before perfect patio is achieved, and even create PDFs of your design, making them easy to email to you!


How can I use the patio generator?


Call into your nearest Bowland Stone stockist, and they will do all the work for you.

to find your local Bowland Stone stockist click here



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